Area 51 have taken Halloween to new heights of fright. That’s why we’re Jonathan Ross’ first choice for his A-list celeb parties when we convert his home into a horror fest for the famous. The same vision and value can go right into your Halloween event. From just a few performers to a whole phantasmagoria, we have all the décor and the demonic characters you will ever need.

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Halloween is Area 51’s busiest time – because we’re the best, and screams ahead of the rest. Our Warwickshire workshop is a weird wonder-lab where dark concepts are created and skilfully executed. Years of experience and expert production mean our stores are filled with custom-made costumes and movie-quality décor. Ask for our illustrated Halloween PDF brochure for a personal glimpse behind the scenes. Write your wish list then contact us for a free quote.

Halloween pic

The devil is in the décor. The right look creates a ghoulish environment taking your guests out of their comfort zone into the unknown and the unsettling. A scare maze can disorientate, darkness creates a malevolent mood while stone-look panelling and twisting foliage will transport you into the nightmare zone. If you’d like an entire event package Area 51’s scenery, special effects, scary mood lighting, spooky sound effects and a collection of frightening Area 51 freaks will combine to cause merry mayhem as your guests arrive. To build your quote, click the link below.


Fire performer

Nothing beats a big fire finale. Area 51 are famous for our male and female fire performers and the excitement they add to any event. They can work with fire staff, hoop, fans, meteor, poi, knives, torches, wands and swords - even a flaming hula hoop. Fire breathers are also available. We are expert at choreographing these displays.

Oogie boogie

Area 51 artistes provide the evening’s entertainment and over the years we have delivered an array of witches, ghouls, devils, fauns, killer clowns, demons, King Kong, ghoulish chimps, ghostly figures, stilt walkers and fire performers. Area 51 provide the designs, décor and interactive characters to transform many venues for major events and exhibitions in the UK and abroad.

Flesh zombies

Perhaps the most gruesome costumes we’ve ever built, the Flesh Zombies feature fully sculpted, head-to-toe latex bodysuits depicting human bodies with most of the skin pulled off. The costumes show muscle and sinew with small lumps of skin and hair hanging here and there.


Captured in the wild some years ago, these provoking primates have been trained to act human, although it doesn’t always quite work out as it did during their cultivation process! These champion chimps are often seen scurrying around venues, sniffing out anything interesting, picking fleas off people and scratching themselves in inappropriate places.

Halloween decor

Area 51s Halloween maze of spooky Victorian circus sideshows exhibiting a collection of freaks and creatures. Among the scenery was a giant clown face entrance, ticket booth and oodles of American-styled circus sideshow stalls and booths that dotted around the mansion’s grounds in a maze layout. Killer Klowns from outer space mingled with a giant troll, the headless woman and a crew of other creatures were on duty as Jonathan Ross asked Area 51 to take on board his much-publicised affection for the 1962 Ray Bradbury novel “Something Wicked This Way Comes”

Heart of England

It takes a brave soul with a big backbone and a deep reservoir of fortitude and grit to venture into the dark, haunted, cold woodlands at night for a daring date with terror. But that’s exactly what was expected of visitors to the latest ‘Spooktacular’ event held at the Heart of England conference and events centre in Warwickshire.




Clubbers were given the creeps after Area 51 helped transform an old bus depot into a haunted house of horrors at an exclusive party event in the heart of the East Midlands. Area 51 transformed the Secret Party Project Halloween hoedown into a spectre-tacular scare-fest of monster proportions n Nottingham,


When it comes to Halloween parties, no one is more renowned than Jonathan Ross OBE for putting on a successful spooktacular. Packed with A-list celebrities, the party always attracts the attention of the international press. Jonathan and his wife, Jane Goldman, look to Area 51 to transform their house into a high-class horror-fest.


The Argyll Street venue is a luxury nightclub that attracts celebrities and the world’s wealthy. Its unusual interior resembles a Masonic Temple and Area 51 were commissioned to design and rig a high-quality Halloween transformation for its elite guests. Sponsored by Belvedere Vodka, Area 51 were asked to incorporate their products within the scenery.


Halloween wizards Area 51 conjured up mucho magic at the biggest A-list celebrity bash of the year in London! TV superstar Jonathan Ross once again entrusted the firm with making over his mansion for his annual party. Area 51 spectacularly transformed the exterior of the star’s large residence at Hampstead into a bewitching home of Halloween


Horror artisans Area 51 spawned an other-worldly hub of Halloween charm and chills after being called upon by TV superstar Jonathan Ross to once again set pulses racing in the heart of London for the biggest A-list celebrity party of the year!


An army of demons, ghouls and fiendish freaks from Area 51 swarmed on to the streets of Birmingham’s arts quarter after a portal to hell appeared to open right in the middle of the Second City. Thankfully, it wasn’t the apocalyptic ‘End Times’ being ushered in to wreak war, famine, pestilence and disease but yet another heavy-duty Halloween street festival.


AREA 51 design wizards magically transformed TV superstar Jonathan Ross’ north London mansion into a stunning haunted house AND gardens into an enchanted fairy forest in time for the UK’s hottest Halloween celeb bash!


Sensational circus acts from Area 51 served up a marathon seven-hour ‘spooktacular’ at Britain’s biggest Halloween party in front of 10,000 clubbers in Birmingham. The persistent performers pulled out all the stops in a prodigious production


Miniland at Legoland’s Windsor attraction brings together some of the world’s most famous landmarks. Here you will find Lego versions of the Eifel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Sphynx and a pyramid alongside Stonehenge and the old Wembley Stadium. When they wanted to create the world’s smallest pumpkin patch for Halloween, they turned to us.


It takes a brave soul with a big backbone and a deep reservoir of fortitude and grit to venture into the dark, haunted, cold woodlands at night for a daring date with terror. But that’s exactly what was expected of visitors to the latest ‘Spooktacular’ event held at the Heart Of England Conference and Events Centre in Warwickshire.


Time waits for no one…and Area 51 unveiled a brand-new circus show during a run of festive performances at the immaculate Heart Of England Conference and Events Centre right in the centre of the country.


A plague of zombie soldiers tore out the Heart of England in a Halloween blitzkrieg of pure terror!Visitors to the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre in Warwickshire were given a horrifying Halloween experience to haunt them for many a month thanks to a chilling interactive Area 51 show that was not for the fainthearted.After creating a realistic biohazard laboratory in the woods at the centre situated at Fillongley in North Warwickshire


When your skin crawls, your spine chills to the max and your nerves strain to snap, the last thing you need is to become ghastly guinea pigs in a foul foray into the darkest reaches of terror where YOU are the experiment!


It was a case of going underground and tunnel vision as Area 51’s creative crew were summoned to help with the shooting of a much-anticipated supernatural sci-fi thriller movie.


Area 51 executed a real-life recreation of an iconic scary movie scene for special guests at the preview screening of The Conjuring 2. Ahead of the release of the supernatural horror sequel, The Conjuring 2, wanted to set up an unforgettable spine-tingling experience for celebrity guests, the media and Warner Bros representatives.


Area 51 despatched its own exotic “fire brigade” to help make an annual fireworks display a huge success. A team of fire and stilt performers, together with the popular ten-foot tall 51 Qetz character


THE TROLL The world's only walking, talking animatronic Troll - measuring up at a colossal nine-foot tall and seven-foot wide. Clad in specially commissioned armour, featuring the very latest in skin replication techniques and fully armed to the teeth, the Area 51 Troll is one bad-ass creature. He features a remote-control moving head, blinking eyes, a frowning forehead and moving lips that are synched up to the performer's headset microphone to give the troll a big booming voice. If you want a big impact this is your man (or beast)! GALLERY Views 4 Likes 0 NIKON D70 27mm/ƒ/8.0/10/80s Taken 30th March 2008 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 4 Likes 0 NIKON D70 15mm/ƒ/5.0/10/2000s Taken 13th July 2008 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 0 Likes 0 NIKON D70 25mm/ƒ/8.0/10/80s Taken 30th March 2008 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 1 Likes 0 NIKON D70 44mm/ƒ/5.6/10/1000s Taken 17th May 2008 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 1 Likes 0 NIKON D70 35mm/ƒ/9.0/10/600s/ISO 200 Taken 30th March 2008 Uploaded 18th August 2018 RELATED POSTS KING KONGKING KONG Behold, the Eighth Wonder of the World! And Area 51’s King Kong will drive you ape. This gigantic gorilla has been an Area 51 staple for a long time but remains one of the company’s most requested creations. It’s not hard to see why – at an impressive nine feet tall and almost as wide, having this amazing ape gate crash an event is a truly unforgettable sight. King Kong can come with his very own customizable stage show. Unveiling the beast in the traditional way can be arranged but the character is perfectly equipped to skip that and just go on to become a meet and greet attraction. A ringmaster can also be added to the package to help keep him from scaling local skyscrapers! Due to his size and manoeuvrability, King Kong may not be suitable for all venues – please enquire for more information. GALLERY Views 5 Likes 0 NIKON D70 31mm/ƒ/5.0/10/1000s/ISO 800 Taken 15th July 2007 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 5 Likes 0 NIKON D70 31mm/ƒ/5.0/10/800s/ISO 800 Taken 15th July 2007 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 4 Likes 0 DSC-WX1 4mm/ƒ/7.1/10/4000s/ISO 160 Taken 9th September 2012 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 5 Likes 0 NIKON D70 31mm/ƒ/6.3/10/1000s/ISO 400 Taken 15th July 2007 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 3 Likes 0 Taken 15th November 2016 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 3 Likes 0 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 3 Likes 0 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 3 Likes 0 Canon EOS 5D Mark II 50mm/ƒ/inƒ/1/50s/ISO 6400 Taken 23rd January 2010 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 4 Likes 0 NIKON D100 23mm/ƒ/5.6/10/300s Taken 8th June 2007 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 3 Likes 0 NIKON D70 21mm/ƒ/5.0/10/800s/ISO 800 Taken 15th July 2007 Uploaded 18th August 2018 RELATED POSTSRead moreGIRAFFEGIRAFFE A giraffe standing some 17-feet-tall and looking rather realistic... this is another stalwart Area 51 costume that’s still going strong. But due to its sheer size this is not suitable for every venue, so call us to discuss. Man, aluminium subframe and faux fur come together in perfect harmony to create this truly enormous replica of the tallest creature on earth. GALLERY Views 4 Likes 0 iPhone 4S 4mm/ƒ/2.4/1/1783s/ISO 64 Taken 8th September 2012 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 3 Likes 0 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 1 Likes 0 DSC-WX1 4mm/ƒ/7.1/10/1000s/ISO 160 Taken 9th September 2012 Uploaded 18th August 2018 Views 1 Likes 0 iPhone 4S 4mm/ƒ/2.4/1/1534s/ISO 64 Taken 8th September 2012 Uploaded 18th August 2018 RELATED POSTSRead more


Area 51 looked to the heavens for cosmic inspiration to eclipse past triumphs with a stellar display at a celebrated gathering of diehard sci-fi fans. The sun, moon and 51 were all in conjunction as performers used the grand spectacle


Star TV presenter Jonathan Ross unleashed Area 51’s Caravan Of Lost Souls at his annual Halloween spookathon staged at his plush north London mansion which was once again given a macabre makeover to thrill both A list celebs and the public.Igor Rasputin and his creepy crew of freaks and ghouls ran amok at the star-studded event which has become established as one of the biggest showbiz bashes in the calendar


Jonathan Ross transformed his home into a haunted house in time for Britain’s largest celebrity Halloween party…thanks to Area 51! Dozens of showbiz celebrities flocked to the television presenter’s wealthy pad in Hampstead, north London to find it almost unrecognisable as the front of the building mutated into a spooky cartoon house of horrors!


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