Dead-icated’ to producing the most gruesome and realistic zombies, Area 51 delivers Hollywood-level quality make up and prosthetics that are equally good enough for block-busting movies, club shows or any kind of event, anywhere.

Utilising the company’s extensive team of expert cosmetologists, technicians and prosthetic experts, no job is too big or small for the company which can provide stunning zombie performers in any number or combinations for all kinds of events.

From Halloween shows and walkabouts, to club and festival stages and to the small and large screen, these deluxe creations are at the cutting edge of the industry.

Taking a conceptual idea through to completion, Area 51 have along and rich reputation for creating fantastical creatures and absurdist costumes while injecting life into the absolutely most extraordinary of ideas.

Zombies are one area of expertise the company is famous for and with a wide range of physical special effects (without CGI) on tap, these creations are made with remarkable attention to detail using inventive techniques to satisfy the highest quality expectations.

Area 51 zombie creations have appeared in film and at A-list celebrity functions (ask Jonathan Ross – he can’t get enough of them!) and have terrified punters at some of the largest Halloween events on the planet.

area 51 zombies 1