All hail the Steam Punks – that beautiful sub-genre where olde worlde meets sci-fi, the pre-Victorian take on futuristic if you like; Sci-Fi in an H.G. Wells’ style.

We’ve numerous twists on the Steam Punk genre – and have even created full scale circuses in its honour. There are lots of moving mechanical gizmos – of course – and we suggest you check out the fully operational wings (not that we’d recommend jumping off a pier, old chap).

With their bowler hats and tailcoats combined with an arsenal of exotic weaponry and gadgetry, there’s a whole army of Steampunk’d characters to fit fantastically into many themes – both male and female characters on stilts (or off!) plus their trusty sidekicks, the steampunk chimps! And don’t forget Steam Pug – he gets a whole page to himself!

area 51 steampunk