Whether it’s brains, heart or courage you’re seeking to inspire your next event, forget following that yellow bricked road and let Area 51 bring the merry old land of Oz to you!

Over a century since its first publication, the Wizard of Oz and his seekers are still popular among all ages, and at Area 51 there’s no difference!

Dorothy & Co are capable of all manners of entertainment, on and off stilts.  Fancy having the cowardly lion serenade you whilst playing an accordion? Sure. Having the two witches squabble from opposing sides of our hanging archway? No problem!  A Wicked themed aerial act? Done.

Let the Tin Man loosen up your dance floor and the Scarecrow show you which way to go! Just beware the Wicked Witch of the West will be out to get you! (And your little dog too!)

wizard of oz theme