Area 51’s incredible iGlobot is the world’s leading high-tech, LED robot performer: an elite and in-demand character creation that’s available as a solo character or a complete choreographed stage show together with a team of iGlogirls.

Armed with an arsenal of awesome gizmos and spectacular special effects, the iGlobot is a state of the art entertainment behemoth that simply cannot be matched and it strides above its competition – even appearing with the awesome Diversity on their recent tour.

Standing ten feet tall and utilising the latest wireless LED technology available with stand-alone pyrotechnics, lasers and CO2 cannons housed in both arms, this is Area 51’s stylish stormtrooper that has stunned audiences across the globe.

Features include shoulder mounted bluer lasers, a remote-controlled pyrotechnics system and an impressive and remotely controlled LED lighting system that synchronises with the dancers.

The lights can be altered to suit the room décor and lighting, and an infinity mirror chest piece runs through the centre of the robot and the overall iGlobot impact is both dazzling and dramatic.