Waddle catch the eye and fit the bill for any event that needs something special? In one foul swoop this eye-catching gaggle can provide an ‘inducktion’ into beak-performance art!

This fluffy flock can rival Donald, Daffy, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Daphne, Daisy, Count Duckula, Scrooge and Orville and keep their feathers well-oiled for a variety of uses.

There are a number of ducks available and they’re perfect for avant garde walkabouts, flash mob PR stunts (they can turn up anywhere and hassle people for bread or, if you prefer, just simply go quackers) and can also do bizarre stage dance routines.

For club stage shows the ducks can even launch giant “golden egg” balloons into the audience for “egg-stra” fun factor (sorry!).

duck patrol