Marbella conference success

Marbella conference scene Marbella conference scene

Agile agents from Area 51's "A-Team" miraculously managed to make over a Marbella hotel complex to win an impressive race against time!

The company's design and installation team worked around the clock to pull off a miraculous achievement as they successfully helped make the annual United Carpets conference a five-star success.

For the fifth consecutive year Area 51 supplied an intelligent design brief to dramatically alter a luxurious hotel room for the conference and then return it back to its original state a handful of hours later.

In 2012 the UC conference was staged at a new location -the Hotel Guadalmina Spa and golf resort- which meant a re-think on previous years' planning.

The two-pronged Area 51 mission impossible began with the Warwickshire company despatching a six-man team to the hotel in Urbanización Guadalmina Baja, Marbella and then transform its conference room into a cool and contemporary space by providing decor and fittings to provide a professional and comfortable environment ideal for presentations.

The next challenge facing the Area 51 team was to radically revamp a second room for a gala dinner after the presentations but as the hotel space was required until as late as 11am on the day it left the staff with a frantic six and a half hour race.

During that short time they had to create a cabaret club going under the name of the 'Polyprop Club' by transforming a glass-fronted and sided restaurant into a kitsch 1920s prohibition period speakeasy. Work began on this by blocking light from the room entirely by using special black-out materials and then adding pillars, lighting and other scenic props to establish a brick wall entrance to the room for use as a photo opportunity for guests.

The conference itself was a huge success and United Carpets staff and delegates were impressed with the finished results from the Area 51 team who then had the unenviable task of dismantling all decor, fixtures and fittings so the restaurant could re-open again by 7am.

The dilligent team worked through the night and managed to complete the job by 3.30am by which time the room was ready to be re-opened and the Area 51 materials had been packed and loaded on to an articulated lorry for return back to the UK.