Jamie Oliver's Fabulous Feasts

Attractive display in Hyde Park Attractive display in Hyde Park

Providing a weather-resistant and vandal-proof giant gingerbread man for Jamie Oliver's Fabulous Feasts in Hyde Park was a tremendous challenge....mission accomplished!

The brief for this attractive job was to provide a display to withstand the unpredictable extremes of the Great British weather including freezing temperatures, wind, rain, ice, frost and snow while at the same time being able to resist the best efforts of those wishing to damage the installation at what was a highly prestigious event.

Staff at Area 51 used a high-performance resin over a polystyrene shell and integral frame with the finished product proving to be a very attractive visual attraction that was hardy, durable and able to withstand a host of potential problems.
The installation appeared at the winter wonderland in Hyde Park and was a tremendous success with members of the public of all ages!

Children were encouraged to enter the beautifully-decorated bandstand and then make their own gingerbread men using organic and wholesome ingredients.