Making The Troll

A market leading troll costume for the corporate and walkabout entertainment industries. Fully mobile, expressive features and an ability to interact with it’s environmet must be factored in.

We built an extremely sturdy harness and framework from aluminium, ball joints and gas struts. It had to be lightweight but durable enough to cope with constant travel and use.

The face was sculpted in clay and cast. The skin was produced using the very latest materials and techniques. In consultation with the developers we found the best combination of silicone and pigment. By using up to twelve layers, we produced an effect of striking realism which we repeated for the fingers and toes. Horse hair was punched in to finish.

The skull was fibreglass with a moving jawbone and brows. Eye and blink mechanisms were built and the head was mounted with neck movement. Radio control circuits were fitted. The jaw was powered with sound to movement fed from a clip mic and a voice changer. The eye blink was kept on automatic intermediate control.

We bought in an armourer to planish lightweight aluminium parts and another artist provided aged paintwork. The body was dressed in leather and lightweight leather effect fabric.

A shield covered the troll's back and the electronics. Fabric ‘chainmaille’ was used around the joints and various items of decoration were used to finish the detail.

Video to the right shows the troll before the facial animatronics were finished. A test run for a promo for the Forbidden Forest adventure.

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