Costume making is perhaps what we're best known for, in fact virtually all the costumes on this website have been built by Area 51. Having raised the bar of peripheral entertainment costume in the UK and abroad over the past few years, we’re now in a position to offer our services and expertise to the bespoke costume buying industry as a whole.

Area 51 help to make an all year round winter of content for punters at one of Britain's leading leisure attractions.
Area 51 generated a genial giant yeti to grace the Big Snow event held in the Pyrenées.
Four superhero character costumes built for Homeserve to particular designs.
A market leading troll costume for the corporate and walkabout entertainment industries. Fully mobile, expressive features and an ability to interact with it’s environmet must…
Ten movie accurate Ghostbuster costumes commissioned by Sony.
A postbox costume comissioned by Contraband International as a christmas walkabout character.