Area 51 help to make an all year round winter of content for punters at one of Britain's leading leisure attractions.

The company enjoys a long standing relationship with The Snowdome situated in Tamworth in central England, supplying a wide range of props, scenery and costumes over the years to keep the real snow centre at the forefront of the nation's leisure industry.

From yetis to penguins, Area 51 have designed, built and installed attractions that have enchanted children of all ages as they take to the slopes.

P-p-p producing penguins for a seasonal spectacular at the Snowdome was the most recent commission.

A colony of the colourful creatures were created as part of a festive display at the celebrated real-snow centre in the historic market town close to the Area 51 headquarters.

In one of the scenes installed in the Snowdome a fun ice hockey match between two teams - 'Santa's Saints' and 'The Elves' - was produced with a stadium containing innumerable penguin patrons acting as the public spectators.

A few of the penguins were re-costumed to appear like the Queen and 007 himself, James Bond for a daredevil parachute jump from a helicopter, mimicking the famous opening ceremony from the London Olympic Games.

A number of giant Yetis have also been created for the Snowdome over the years and a further installation was a colourful gingerbread house. This was a stand-alone installation based on the popular gingerbread man theme.

Colour coated polystyrene was the main material used along with various decorations and a motorised spinning disc was used above the door.