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Area 51's deft décor department devised an exotic spice market as part of a plush hotel makeover in southern Spain for an annual international conference.

The bewitching bazaar was a prominent feature at the yearly event staged by United Carpets at Los Monteros Spa and Golf Resort in Marbella where delegates gathered for an early spring symposium.

For the ninth consecutive year, United called upon Area 51 to help spice up the event with dazzling décor and atmospheric props.

As always, the company cooked up a fresh concept, this time opting for an international market place incorporating indigenous gourmet food and bolstered further with additional performance artists undertaking roles.

Area 51 director Rich Moore said: "On this occasion we had an abstract corporate design as a starting point and then developed an idiosyncratic décor plan from there which was very much appreciated by the delegates and the people at United Carpets who once again ran a very successful conference in Marbella.

"We are very pleased to have such a lengthy and close relationship with United."