Area 51 showed the way at the Glastonbury Festival by creating a huge sign that towered above the famous site.

The giant structure was designed and built for The Beat Hotel, one of the most popular attractions on the festival site and involved complicated and painstaking construction in the Area 51 workshop followed by an even more difficult installation at the festival itself.

Situated in the bustling market zone between the Pyramid and John Peel Stages, the Beat Hotel brought together fine music, dining and cocktails with the overall vibe centred around a remarkably relaxing ambiance.

Work on manufacturing the structure took approximately a week at the Area 51 HQ with a combination of CNC cutting, carpentry, steel fabrication, LED and electronics work, painting, finishing and distressing to give the structure a cool aged and retro look keeping the tech team busy while erecting it on site was also a complex and difficult job which the Area 51 team handled expertly.

The finished results were hailed as a resounding success by the clients and punters alike.