Props and Costumes

Area 51 design and manufacture wearable works of art and custom-made prop collections that bring fantasy and dreams to life!

Highly skilled technicians working at the company's culture bunker in rural north Warwickshire painstakingly produce props that power some of the world's leading entertainment shows.

From decorating world famous festivals like Glastonbury and famous pop star live shows including the legendary queen of kooky, Lady Gaga and glam disco poppers the Scissor Sisters to illuminating the world's super-clubs and providing items for circuses, conferences, exhibitions, award ceremonies, movies, television, theatre and much more, Area 51 are the experts the entertainment elite turn to time and time again.

Creating items large or small, the workshop crew tackle the intricate to the extravagant with aplomb and are responsible for some of the most memorable props seen in recent years including Lady Gaga's 20-foot tall piano that she played in front of the Queen on the Royal Variety Show.

The Area 51 creative lab technicians are all experts in an extremely wide range of costume and pop making skills that include modelling, poly-carving, casting, leatherwork, plus 3D pattern cutting. They also work with steel fabrications, foams and silicones, fibreglass, ABS, resins and scenic painting.

Serious operators in the world of costume and prop manufacture and with excellent in-house designers, Area 51 armed themselves with an expensive state-of-the-art CNC (computer numerical control) machine enabling precise cutting for logos and designs which can be cooked up from virtually every medium including foams, latex, polycarbon and aluminium.

Endless possibilities exist to enhance both costume and props including technology, the use of LED lighting and much more besides.

A cursory look over this website will source you dozens and dozens of high quality examples of both costuming and props


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