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Conk causes congestion in London...

Who nose what all London commuters thought of it but Area 51's latest giant sculpture created a huge stink in the heart of the capital's congestion zone!

The gigantic nose was placed over the River Thames to remind Londoners of the city's infamous "Great Stink" of 1858 when city dwellers reeled in disgust at the foul stench of untreated human waste which became unbearable during an unusually long, hot summer.

Thousands of stunned commuters and tourists crowded round to check out the colossal conk.

Area 51 were asked by London Dungeon to create the ultimate nose job.

Staff had to design and sculpt the prodigious proboscis to help promote a new exhibition remembering the smelly stench of 1858 during which human waste was so strong that it led to an Act of Parliament to clean up the streets and create the forerunner of modern day sewers.

The smell was so unbearable that curtains in the House Of Commons were coated in chloride of lime to try and appease disgusted MPs and staff who actively debated re-locating upstream to Hampton Court to escape the foul smells emanating from the Thames and the streets of the city.

Eventually heavy rain helped to clear the humidity and heat to end the crisis but politicians launched an inquiry and this eventually led to sewers being built.

The 13-foot nose was placed on the Millennium Bridge, causing commuters to stop and stare as the London Dungeon promoted its 'Stinky Summer' events that feature scratch and sniff tours. The exhibition also recreates the pong of the plague and the equally unpleasant scent of public executions and the Great Fire of 1666.