A luxury London nightclub became a hub of horror for Halloween as party-goers gathered in what resembled a subterranean Gothic garrison under the streets of Soho.

Area 51's décor team spent three days giving the exclusive Mason House club a macabre makeover as Brit capital merrymakers descended into the vaults of the London Palladium where the club is situated.

A candle-lit crypt entrance lead inside to a collection of ghostly gothika with the club housing a wide range of props including a witches display cabinet housing various paraphernalia such as cauldrons, blood-stained knives, headless dolls and more. The bar was further decorated by a series of guillotine blades and Area 51 stylists gave makeovers to 23 members of Mason House staff with bar tenders dressed as executioners, doormen turned into artistocratic vampires and waiters resembling Mexican Día de Muertos (Day Of The Dead) characters.

Other impressive props supplied included trees and an assortment of classic horror themed items, all expertly installed during the three-day preparation while the club's DJ booth was given a spooky makeover so it resembled a frightful fortress.

The club is ornately furnished to resemble a masonic temple but it took on an even more pronounced Gothic feel.

On top of this Area 51 unveiled a team of top-drawer performers to wow clubbers starring Luke da Silva in the classic guise of Bram Stoker's Dracula while Berlin-based burlesque and fetish star Evz Frantti was one of three beautiful vampire girls, her character taking on a terrifying twist as she became a decapitated Marie Antoinette type figure.

Other performers included Chloe Leigh Ennis and Dominique Laird while Area 51's own Anna-Marie Trzebinski was on hand to oversee proceedings as event coordinator, art director and décor stylist.

The event was sponsored by Belvedere Vodka and Area 51 managed to incorporate their products prominently within the scenery for all to see.



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