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A majestic Mediterranean resort was given a magical makeover as Area 51 celebrated an eighth consecutive Spanish commission for an international conference.

This year the 51 design team opted for an eye-catching abstract theme to give the annual United Carpets get-together in Marbella a unique flavour.

In 2015, United Carpets decided to expand the event and move it to a larger hotel - Los Monteros Spa and Golf Resort in the Penibético region of southern Spain - and with the upgrade came the instruction to Area 51's design team to pursue an idiosyncratic subject matter.

Director Rich Moore said: "we were asked to come up with something that was different and special so we created a fresh and unusual design that was abstract. It was extremely well received and everyone was happy."

After a site visit earlier in the year and close discussions between United Carpets and designers at the Area 51 culture bunker, the finished props were assembled at 51's Warwickshire base, flat packed on to an articulated lorry and driven to Spain for the event itself where it was reassembled.

It was the eight consecutive year that United Carpets engaged Area 51 to provide décor for their conference.