Speedy staff from Area 51 staged a stunning six-hour switch around to set up some special Spanish castle magic at a plush Mediterranean resort hotel complex.

The assiduous Area 51 team pulled off the Marbella make-over in a race against the clock to help make the annual United Carpets conference a massive success by transforming the Guadalmina Spa and Golf Resort hotel to resemble a mediaeval castle going under the moniker of "Unite Hall"

"It was the seventh consecutive year that United Carpets have enrolled Area 51 to add pizazz and atmosphere to their yearly get together out in the sun and once again the firm's officials were delighted with the results.

The team of five tech staff were despatched to Marbella while décor and props were transported there via an artic lorry overland. When on site the team expertly executed a floor to ceiling installation in just six hours featuring castle wall panels, candelabra topped tables plus a grand conference room entrance.

The main project was metamorphosing a glass-fronted and sided restaurant into an eye catching ancient castle fit for royal guests.

Staff and delegates from United Carpets were once again delighted with the high quality work provided by the Warwickshire based firm who is proud to have such a long-standing and highly successful business relationship with the carpeting giants.