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Area 51 rebuilt Las Vegas at a Leicestershire university so students could party hard at a glittering sin city themed ball!

The building at Loughborough University morphed into a miniature Caesar's Palace complete with stunning scenery and props including a magnificent centrepiece fountain where Area 51's incomparable showgirl-extraordinare Lauren Barrand sat atop.

It was an imposing and eye catching sight and the project was further enhanced by a number of different performers including showgirls, dancers, an Elvis Presley tribute, stiltwalkers and much more.

The project featured a walk-under stage and at the front entrance there was a chapel of love containing Area 51's own maniacal minister and his unhinged organist who conducted hilarious quickie "weddings" in true Vegas style, much to the delight of revellers.

It was the eighth year that Area 51 had been called upon to help create a special theme for the annual ball and -as ever- the company managed to out-do their past efforts. Two years ago a special James Bond "Skyfall" motif was a huge success and last year a Great Gatsby theme was hailed by all.

But the general consensus of opinion was that 51 managed to come up with the best yet with the Nevada makeover.