University students were taken back through time to the Roaring Twenties for a rip-roaring gala ball thanks to Area 51

A series of stunning props and scenery were created for the glittering annual occasion at Loughborough University in the heart of England and together with a troupe of 51 entertainers, the event was heralded an enormous success.

It was the latest in a long line of projects that Area 51 has successfully developed at the university and company director Rich Moore admitted that continuously topping previous years' achievements is not easy.

He explained: "We have the highest standards and pride ourselves on the inventive way we come up with projects - of course that presents its own problems year after year when you are continuously reaching for the best but it's the kind of problem we welcome and the challenge of bettering ourselves is something we keep beating.

"Last year at Loughborough we came up with an inspired James Bond theme and we basically re-created the 'Skyfall' mansion complete with tunnels and an intricate series of pieces so this year we took a totally different approach to try and stay one step ahead.

"So we came up with the concept of The Great Gadsby and then designed built and installed a unique project which was really tough but was well worth the effort because everyone agreed it really did look the business."

A four-day plus build on site preceded the festivities and the Area 51 crew installed a first floor level using scaffolding, platforms. creating a grand staircase and overcoming innumerable Health & Safety issues.

With the décor and scenery looking tip-top, the icing on the cake came with a group of Area 51 entertainers who helped enhance the theme which harked back to the era of decadence after the horrors of World War I when flappers, jazz bands, art deco and modernism were on the rise prior to the Great Depression.