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On The Hoof

Working on the new digileg feet Working on the new digileg feet

EXTENSIVE work is underway behind the scenes at Area 51 to develop a range of feet for the revolutionary Digilegs product.

Months of on-going research and development will herald the creation of an astonishingly life-like selection of animal and fantasy feet attachments.
Area 51 tech expert Adam is hopeful that a single cast will be able to spawn a standard product that will enable the company to supply a wide range of feet to attach to Digilegs including dog feet, werewolf feet, lizard and reptile feet plus cloven hoof styles for further animal and fantasy characters.

He explained: "The work is on-going and it will need refining as we go along; it may be that we have to try out different materials to get this right."
Adam said that he had worked on a polystyrene prototype which had not proven to be a workable solution and that sponge materials were now being explored, adding: "we think this is the way forward and in theory this should work a treat."

"What we are trying to achieve is for the person using the digilegs to be able to have a more realistic and organic walking style. The sponge material we are currently working on should compress properly and help make it all look more organic."

The revolutionary digilegs product enables the user to transform his or her human legs into the hind quarters of either a digitigrade or unguligrade animal and in turn opening almost endless possibilities for future character and creature design.
Adam added: "It's very exciting to develop something like this and I can't wait to see the results in action."