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Introducing... iGlobot

Area 51 are taking steps to ensure they remain front runners in the market by designing a completely unique character for the stage show of the future. Introducing, the I Globot.

New for 2013, our workshop crew have been busy designing a much more advanced, evolved form of the existing Globot.

Always trying to achieve the impossible, the product wants to be durable, lightweight, flexible and comfortable, whilst also looking completely awesome. The result will be futuristic robot, the real deal in space age concept technology.

Spyke and Adam Ford trial and error various materials a deign processes, experimenting with size, colour and texture to reach the right result. The entire process takes approximately two weeks start to finish.

Spyke explains, "We are going for a sleek white paneled character with bags of personality. We will install a calming flow of powerful, white blue lights that can switch to a fiery red if alarmed or disturbed, with it all being controlled by a synced lighting system-control unit."

Of course, we wouldn't let him debut alone, a small army of I-Glogirls will be in his wake.