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Going the whole hog(warts)!

Extensive work is underway to recreate whole sections of Hogwarts for a highly-impressive Harry Potter themed event.

The Area 51 workshop is a hive of activity as an array of scenery and props are being built for a bespoke installation as part of a students graduation ball in the UK this summer.

Among the ambitious design plans, techs are busily recreating the great hall from Hogwarts Castle along with 200 floating candles, library, a potions bar and the Diagon Alleyway as featured in the famous children's adventure books and subsequent films.

The entire existing space at the venue for the ball will be clad in stone effect panelling including fireplaces, hidden doors and walkways using eye-catching bespoke scenery created by staff at Area 51.

After initially consulting with the client, Area 51 submitted a number of visual designs for consideration which were eventually whittled down to a series of final approved designs.

The installation of the scenery will take three full days on site by a series of tech staff from Area 51