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Luxury loo lunacy!

Keeping a watch... Keeping a watch...

When one of London's most extravagant and eccentric nightspots decided to make going to the toilet a freaky experience there was only one team to call...Area 51!

The trendy Mayfair venue Cirque du Soir teamed up with Area 51's renowned design and workshop crew to revamp the club's toilet facilities with a fun twist.

A collection of classic circus freaks were built and installed into toilet cubicles at the members club in Ganton Street!

Staff at Area 51 created a number of bespoke features which add a dramatic yet fun vibe to the rest room area of the celebrated nightspot. 

Amongt the weird and surreal characters installed were the Elephant Man, Siamese twins, the bearded lady, a snake charmer, a creepy clown and the fat lady.

The Area 51 hand sculpted each freak from polystyrene and then applied an unusual paint process using the layering of different colours to create skin tone. The freaks were then individually dressed and decorated with curtains and self-contained LED lights, all finished off tastefully with name plaques.

The freak features have already proven to be a major talking point among the regulars who frequet Cirque du Soir which includes an international clientele made up from famous celebs. The venue has become an infamous hangout for the likes of Lady Gaga, Usher, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo Di Caprio, Pixie Lott and Princess Eugene to name but a few.