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Eggs-tra help for Easter!

laying eggs laying eggs

Area 51 have joined forces with the Easter Bunny to lay 115 special eggs in time for Easter!

A large consignment of the egg-stra special eggs are being cooked up in time for Easter 2012 as part of a cracking national library scheme to boost the nation's biblothecas.

And under the supervision of the Easter Bunny, Area 51 are creating the eggs for the Opening The Book company.

All of the polytyrene eggs are being built, sanded down and then finished in a rubber coating before being despatched to be speckled ahead of being installed in libraries across the country where they will be used as part of educational displays.

Opening The Book provide training and equipment for library staff throughout the UK together with installations. The company was founded by Rachel Van Friel in 1991 who invented the term reader development. Since that time Opening The Book spearheaded the growth in reader-orientated ideas that are now considered as a mainstay of mainstream UK library practice.