The U.A.E celebrated the 41st National Day with a grand slamming 3D special effects show with all the trimmings to entertain the crowned prince and his royal entourage at Dubai's Festival City.

The show was held in a colossal open air theatre custom built especially for this occasion, the solid white stage and backdrop providing the basis for the stunning 3D visuals.

The rehearsals were well under way and under the pretence that it only rains two days a year in Dubai, low and behold the heavens opened and the rain crashed down, saturating everything in its sorry path over two consecutive days. Unable to rehearse, the show was postponed, leaving our crew stranded in paradise for an extra three days. Oh the humanity!

The story takes you through the history of the U.A.E from the desert days riding camels through the night to its rise as the world header of capitalism culture, bridging the gap between East and West.

Its narrative follows the younger generation in their choices to what career they are choosing for the future. You have a child who wants to use technology to educate the future generations, another wants to go into computers and nano-technology.

The next aspires to be an astronaut, que a scene with aerialists zipping from the top of the backdrop, as if floating in space. Our mighty Transformers enter the stage from left and right, signal each other and make their way forward. They clock on to the space cadets and begin to fire lasers, hitting one of them.

There is a huge moon quake, the ground begins to crumble...Everyone seems doomed...Then...from out of no where...


The whole backdrop flashes green and the next child walks on, his directors chair is brought on by stage hands and the Transformers make their way off stage.

The Transformers proved a hit with the crowd, they flocked backstage to have their photo taken with the giant mechanical beasts.

Katie Clark, project director for the event had this to say about our representatives...

"The transformers were an absolute hit with the audience of the UAE National Day Show. They provided a dramatic and unexpected highlight of the show and they were the perfect act to bring the projected sequence to life. The transformer team were a pleasure to work with, they were always professional and happily adapted to the change of date with good grace."