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Billionaire bash dash

Area 51 performers made a mad-dash flight to entertain glittering and glam party-goers at a billionaire's private bash in St. Tropez!

The 11th hour scurry to the French Riviera came with just hours to spare as a six-man team left the Area 51 headquarters in deepest Warwickshire to  fly south for the jet-set job in the playground of the rich and famous.

And with A list celebrities like TV legend Joan Collins and supermodel Kate Moss in the audience, it really was a star-studded event.

Two globots and two digi-leg alien characters were despatched together with two extra personnel to help dress the characters.

A spokesman from Area 51 explained: "We received a frantic call at 4pm and were asked if we could get out to St. Tropez to perform the next day at this sparkling private party for a billionaire so it really was a case of having to work fast to make it happen.

"But within hours we were on a flight heading to the south of France and after landing at Nice we took a two-hour taxi drive down to St. Tropez and immediately went to the venue to meet the organisers to get an on-site brief of what they wanted and with just a short break to eat we worked straight through."

The globots performed on stage with the Brit Award-winning American singer-songwriter Kelis.