It's a Sci-Fi Convention Jim, but not as we know it! 51 load up the vans and boldly go - to West Wales...

We embarked on 2 incredible days packed full of Sci-Fi themed walkabout and truly massive stage-shows with our crew of 40-odd - with 3500 fantasy fuelled punters to entertain, we had to bring our A-game.

Now into it's 4th year, and with a new improved venue, the SciFi Weekender is rapidly becoming the choice event for fans who like their meetings a little livelier than the norm... and a lot more FUN! Where else can you see the Pope crowd surfing?

Our team constructed a Steampunk, retro-futuristic stage-set with two teleportation chambers for the Main Void. Daytime saw star-studded panels, while on both nights the stage became a backdrop for some spectacular entertainment, and truly wild partying!

Working with the man behind V for Vendetta, and creator of Starburst Magazine - comics legend Dez Skinn - we designed the 'Strip Club'; an area for punters to meet their favourite comic book artists and writers.

This year, our Imaginarium featured a few of our BGT mates - Martyn Crofts 'The Panman' and his bonkers Dalek inspired stage show. Also, Greig Stewart aka Theramin Hero was on form with his futuristic 8-bit inspired musical mashups on laser Harp and Theremin. Chris Cross and Mental Dave performed acts of contortion, and magical mentalism.. our crew were on form - with, amongst others, excerpts from "Tiki" (soon to be a full show in Dubai), and the launch of our new iGlobot. Titan the robot was a star as usual - as were Kirsty's dancers!

Saturday night saw us put together a one-off, rather near-the-knuckle gameshow - the "Re-Univerz", hosted by Author Robert Rankin and Dez Skin as the Anti-Pope, and starring that most splendid of fellows, Professor Elemental - the finale featuring a giant Harlem Shake that nearly collapsed the stage!

Craig Charles finished the weekend off in his usual slick fashion - it was truly a party on an Epic scale. Well done Chic, we can't wait for next year!

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