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Clubbers froze in fear as freaks and fiends transformed a Fest-Evil into a true fright night!

A creepy corps of "corpses" from Area 51 caused mayhem at the Secret Party Project bash in Nottingham as the celebrated club staged their scariest annual Halloween event so far.

Every reveller entering the warehouse party had to endure a terrifying walk-through experience to reach the dance-floor, passing through a zombie-infested collection of vintage buses parked at the entrance. It was a spooky scene like none other to be found in the world.

With a crowd of crazed creatures emerging from the shadows and from hidey-holes located in the "scaremaze", everyone arriving for the party had to endure an extra-sensory explosion of fear and fun. Gasps and screams from people making their way through the maze left punters waiting to start behind them in a state of spine-tingling sense of suspense.

Area 51's décor team once again turned up trumps, transforming the area into a vault where people's deeply-held fears were unleashed thanks to the grisly antics of performers. As always, the experience had evolved and changed from previous years as Area 51 planners maintained their policy of doing something different.

And both punters and club officials alike were stunned by the results from what was a unique clubbing event held at Bartons in Chilwell, Nottingham.

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