Area 51 put the fire back into "firework" with a blistering Bonfire Night show that drew gasps of astonishment from thousands of spectators.

Specialist fire performers joined Area 51's now legendary Globot at the annual Rugby Fireworks extravaganza at Whinfield Park, leaving organizers to declare it was the most eye-catching and successful event in its 58-year history!

Five girls and several male performers formed the crack team hired to add a new and dramatic edge to the display which is organized each year by the Warwickshire town's Round Table. The Globot began proceedings with a meet and greet walkabout to provide the perfect photo opportunity for innumerable families who turned out in droves to witness an impressive evening of entertainment topped off with a brilliant fireworks display.

As well as the Globot, Area 51 provided stilt-walking and fire performers for the meet and greet session.

The main event consisted of a lengthy performance art show choreographed in a highly original style by Area 51's Pippin Wood which climaxed as the fireworks began exploding in the skies above the park. Fire performers and the Globot were coordinated in the show which featured a wide array of skills on show including fire poi, fire palm, fire fans, fire breathing, fire staff, fire sword, fire star, dragon staff, fire chaina and fire umbrella.

After the fireworks display came to a close the Area 51 team took to the stage for a second time to produce a blazing finale to the whoops and shouts of approval from those thousands watching.