Sensational circus acts from Area 51 served up a marathon seven-hour 'spooktacular' at Britain's biggest Halloween party in front of 10,000 clubbers in Birmingham.

The persistent performers pulled out all the stops in a prodigious production at the Rainbow Venues in Digbeth which hosts the stunning annual event, "The Haunting," while Area 51 also came up with some quite breathtaking decor and scenery to help resculpt the clubbing complex into an infernal Halloween hell where all manners of monsters, ghouls, zombies and terrifying creatures roamed.

With a New Orleans-centred "day of the dead" theme, Area 51 designed and built a frightening hotel stage set manned by a fiendish receptionist and featuring a crew of out-there fire performers being put through their paces on its roof, much to the delight of the packed audience who packed into the second city's arts heartland to witness an outstanding night of gilt-edged clubbing entertainment.

A large contingent of have-a-go horrors portrayed by Area 51 performers provided terrifying treats for clubbers as they tirelessly manouvred around the complex with zest and zip despite the long hours.

The Rainbow Venues featured five different themed rooms with a large number of DJ banging out cuttingv edge clubbing sounds through the night.

Acts on bouncy stilts and fire performers were joined by aerialist and contortion specialists, walkabout charactersand the excellent Morales Sisters (from Gandey's Circus) - Gina and Jacqueline - whose act included the highly dangerous globe walking routine that has won them such international acclaim.

Manon Tissier's make-up proved exceptional as all performers were expertly transformed into creatures of the night and the thousands of people who turned up were guaranteed a memorable experience.

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