Jet-setting guests were left spellbound at a lavish and private celebrity party held inside a luxury Berkshire hotel thanks to the efforts of Area 51.

The exclusive two-day birthday party was staged at the luxurious Vineyard Hotel in Newbury with host and guests flying in from the USA to attend. Area 51's crack crew of creative stylists came up with not one but TWO stunning makeovers to help make the event truly memorable.

On the opening night of the weekend bash the team revamped the hotel interior with an extravagant 1940s theme and then followed it with an exotic and exorbitant Rio flavour to wow guests who were on hand to celebrate the birthday of a celebrity whose identity we are not at liberty to divulge.

Opulent décor spread beautifully across three separate rooms and first class entertainers combined magnificently to make this stylish marathon 48-hour party one that could never be forgotten.

A 21-strong complement of Area 51 installation staff worked diligently for three days to complete two total transformations. Décor for the first night included golden light palm trees and golden pillars together with authentic and vintage 1940s fixtures and fittings plus luscious pleated fabrics. The stage area was also suitably decorated in a quintessential 1940s vibe.

The second night's theme was an explosion of tropical colour with the classic film "Fly Down To Rio" providing the inspiration. Among the items of décor were palm trees, mini trees, stunning table centres, extensive coloured fabric pleating and the use of white feather boas and some gorgeous creative drapery.

A human table was provided as part of the attractions together with Brazilian dancers, a samba band and outdoors fireworks display which was co-ordinated with Area 51 fire performers and the in-demand Globot.

The hotel spa was also revamped by the Area 51 team with further creative draping and floral displays while body-painted mermaids were among the attractions along with Aquabatique, a unique synchronised swimming act as seen on TV. Burlesque star Talulah Blue and well-known DJ Rubber Ron also performed together with Area 51 pole dancers, fire performers and others including pupeteers totalling more than 40.