A luxury London nightlife haunt was handed a Halloween spookover by Area 51 and it was hailed a sell out success.

The exclusive Mason House nightclub was gripped with ghostly gothika as the capital's clubbing elite descended on the subterranean Soho spot with queues of revellers stretching back to Oxford Street and beyond.

Design and installation staff from Area 51 spent a whole day on site to transform the already spooky building into a headquarters of horror. There were more treats than tricks in store for punters and the 800-capacity club had sold out well before Big Ben chimed out the witching hour!

Having done a similarly impressive makeover last year, the 2015 transformation had a loose Addams Family theme and Area 51 supplied extensive décor and props together with entertainers.

With leading Area 51 entertainers Luke da Silva and Dawn Bryant getting clubbers into the mood outside the venue in their roles as Gomez and Morticia Addams, inside the building was a maze of macabre magick. From the cobwebbed tree entrance to the club, through a graveyard foyer  and down to the multi-level club space as well as even the restrooms, 51's expertise was in evidence throughout.

Sundry gravestones and cobwebs together with spider sacs, foliage, skulls and a large sized pentacle adorned the vaults. The DJ booth was metamorphosed into a castellated fortress with a baroque atmosphere that was uplt with light batons. A Pandora's Box was sited in the hallway containing innumerable skulls and the club's cloakroom and restrooms were all tied into the overall venue dressing. A special Addams Family mirror hologram was hung and there were copious carved pumpkins around the building together with cobwebs.

The back room VIP area was decorated with panelling whereas special interactive wall paintings seemed to jump out at guests to add to the kooky atmosphere in an already idiosyncratic building. 

The venue has an historic past. In mid 18th century London, the secretive Freemasons colonised the city's Argyll Street and Mason House today pays stylish homage to its road's heritage with a superlative subterranean space discreetly hidden away in the vaults of the London Palladium that resembles a Masonic temple but with an even more pronounced Gothic feel.

This year's Hallowe'en event was sponsored by Belvedere Vodka and Area 51 managed to incorporate their products prominently within the scenery for all to see.