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The crew were booked in to provide a festive feast Area 51 style at Tamworth's Snow Dome arena last Christmas.

Amongst the installations included a penguin ice hockey scene with the two sides, 'Santa's Saints' and 'The Elves' battling it out at the stadium in front of the thousands of penguin supporters.

Some of the penguins had to be re-dressed, one as the Queen of England and another as James Bond for a dare-devil parachute jump from a helicopter. Seem familiar? It was a replica of the scene which appeared in the opening ceremony to the Olympic Games.

The Yeti, based famously from the Disney animated film Monsters Inc, had some serious surgery, his shoulder joints re-articulated to provide the extra dexterity needed in handling Santa's sleigh for a brilliant photo opportunity. (Pictured)

These scenes were accompanied by some seriously impressive set builds, installing Santa's Grotto and a giant Ice Wall scene; both of which, have now become a permanent fixture at the arena by special request.

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