Close your eyes and tap your heels together three times and think to yourself...there's no place like The Maldives!

Jet setting holidaymakers at a luxurious hideaway resort in the Indian Ocean followed the yellow brick road to fun in the sun as Area 51 dispatched a crack team of entertainers to the islands for a spectacular Easter experience.

The main lovable characters from the iconic fantasy film were re-born in searing temperatures and the Area 51 crew fueled the imagination of guests with a grueling series of performances over nine exhausting days.

Dorothy, the cowardly lion, the scarecrow, the tin man, the good witch, the wicked witch of the west and, of course, the wizard himself, were all on show.

The small Area 51 team fulfilled multiple roles in scorching heat to produce a series of performances that varied from a lavish Oz-flavoured gala dinner and dance to underwater close-up magic with the aid of scuba gear, circus workshops, fashion shows, meet and greet sessions plus a children's Easter egg hunt and much more.

The team featured circus star Matt Lemon as the scarecrow, Luke da Silva portrayed the tin man and acted as host while Pippin Wood starred as Dorothy. Laura Cork performed as both witches and tried her best not to melt in the withering heat while celebrated magician Sav took on the roles of both the lion and the Wizard. Make up artist Sonya Parra together with Matt Page also worked as caricaturists.

Matt Lemon held a circus workshop for children, Sav performed close up magic under the waves of the Indian Ocean and the team staged several promotional events as well as fashion shows for both adults and munchkins alike.

It was a fine example of the now legendary Area 51 team spirit working to brilliant effect and the rave reaction from guests was proof of another successful 51 assignment.



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