Kandi heads to Ibiza for summer fun!

Once upon a time a legendary name from Ibiza's clubland royalty needed candy to turn the heads of the party elite and so they called on Area 51 to help.

Hed Kandi approached the Warwickshire company to create an elaborate and bespoke collection of stunning set props to adorn their 2013 summer season at the luxurious Es Paradis club on the white island.

Centred around a 'Once Upon A Time' theme of fantasy and fascination, the project was intended to send partying punters down the rabbit hole into a world of imagination, luxury and make believe magic at the club which is sited on the western side of the island at San Antonio de Portmany.

And the creative bunker at Area 51 HQ was a hive of activity as a lavish set of props were dreamed up, designed and then delivered to help Hed Kandi maintain its position as one of the leading lights in the world of jet set clubbing.

Among the collection were 18 giant creeper columns, a jaw-dropping entrance archway, a DJ booth and stand which was re-sculpted to look like a Pandora's box complete with LED strip lighting plus a special aerial rig containing a glorious throne-like chair for the resident saxophonist who could then be winched high above the audience while performing live.

Area 51 also provided beautiful water features and giant one metre wide balls plus giant creepers that hung from the ceiling and an agglomeration of miscellaneous fantasy creatures and plants to further beautify the luxury set.

As well as the scenery, a cluster of 18 costumes for resident dancers were created at the Area 51 workshop.

All scenery and costumes filled a lorry and were exported to the Mediterranean island to be assembled within a day by the Area 51 tech team ahead of the 17-week run by Hed Kandi. Area 51 also dispatched a seamstress who went along to carry out alterations to the dancers' costumes so they were bespoke for each individual performer.

Half way through the summer run Area 51 sent a tech team out to verify that all props and costumes were in tip-top condition and handling the stress well.

Area 51 director Rich Moore explained:

"We obviously had to ensure that all props and costumes were designed and built to specifically withstand the conditions out there such as the high temperatures, humidity and sweat etc.

"It was a very big project but all the efforts were worthwhile and the club looked really fantastic so it was a huge success."

Hed Kandi's 17-week run of Saturday night glitz and glamour featured world-class resident DJs, top drawer live acts and exquisite dancers.