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Potty about Potter!

Stunned students stared in disbelief as their university was radically transformed into a hermetical Harry Potter hinterland heaped full of Hogwarts surprises by have-a-go Area 51 workers!

Staff from Area 51 cast a mesmerising spell on the Midlands campus buildings to magically morph them in time for the summer graduation ball, drawing gasps of amazement and praise from everyone present.

A ten-strong team from Area 51 spent four days on site to decorate the buildings and give them the magnificent Harry Potter makeover in what was the fifth consecutive year that they had been commissioned to help stage the ball.

A spokesman for Area 51 said: "We really wanted to up the ante this year and do something that was extra-special and memorable, and thanks to everyone's hard work and creativity, I'm delighted to say we succeeded.

"It was great seeing people's faces as they walked in and went "wow!" as they saw what we had done to transform the rooms there.

"I think this was the most ambitious and eye catching design we have done for them so far and everyone was impressed."

The installation featured the instantly recognisable train station entrance and a long black corridor which, with added special effects of smoke and lights helped provide a magical walkway into the main Hogwarts Hall.

"We totally transformed the original space and literally built a breathtaking room within a room," continued the Area 51 spokesman.

Stone effect panelling and other features including fireplaces and hidden doors all combined to radically alter the space and ambiance of the original room and the installation also featured the floating of 200 candles in the ceiling space!

As well as the main Hogwarts Hall the staff created an eye-catching Hogwarts library plus a potions room, sweet shop, wedding chapel and the famous Daigon Alley as featured in the famous children's adventure books and subsequent films.

The installation was initially designed by technical staff at Area 51's Warwickshire headquarters in consultation with the client before workshop staff went to work to build the bespoke scenery and features on site.

"The installation was a great success and was a credit to everyone involved," concluded the Area 51 spokesman.