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Jonathan Ross summons us to do his bidding!

Area 51 were called upon once again to assist Jonathan Ross in the production of his annual, mother all Halloween parties which he hosts for his showbiz friends at his Hampstead home.

Widely billed as the Halloween party of the year, the chat show host pulled out the stops this year, having the crew build a huge, haunted structure at the front of his house, with ghoulish follow up interactive performances from the Troll, Aliens, Demons and Flesh Zombies - making sure the star's infamously lavish Halloween bash went down a trick or treat!

Many high profile guests attended the event, celebrities including Kate Moss, Holly Willoughby, Gwen Stefani and Stephen Fry made the effort. An onlooker heard them say it was the best Halloween party they'd ever been to. Hearsay, I think not!

Other guests included Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter, Jack Whitehall and Jimmy Carr also made good efforts with their costumes, while Nick Grimshaw was reported to have gate-crashed the party.

The work started early in the morning and went on throughout the day as our crew expertly installed the haunted castle with pin point precision. It resulted in a realistic, film-set style facade that everybody enjoyed seeing on arrival. Not to mention grabbing the attention of the National Press who covered the whole set-up process throughout the day!

The primary challenges for the crew were to build the 6 meter high, 14 meter wide structure as close to the house as possible, whilst keeping the site as safe as possible for the revellers. The interactive structure contained Co2 effects and barred castle windows that concealed caged monsters, and the tight build provided ample room for the visiting children to have their wits shredded to bits by our array of hideous creatures!

It was clear that the project was more ambitious this year, and our crew once again rose to the occasion.  

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