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A tropical Indian Ocean holiday resort was Frozen at Easter but scientists didn't panic, Doomsday predictors weren't rushing around declaring "I told you so!" and there was no dawning of a catastrophic new global Ice Age to threaten life on the planet...

In fact, the only rush of excitement was from those jet-set holidaymakers lucky enough to be present at Reethi Rah in the Maldives when Area 51 landed at the luxury location to stage an Easter week of entertainment based on the famous Disney movie "Frozen." 

Contemporary cool-as-ice costuming and coordinated performances from the '51 crew complimented classy props created by the resort's own in-house designers And the net result was a cornucopia of conviviality in a destination that's as close as anyone is likely to get to paradise!

The performances were part of a two-pronged attack of entertainment provided by '51 at Easter in the Maldives with a second team based a boat ride away at another luxury locale: Amilla Fushi on Finolhas Island.

Both resorts are like jewels set among coral reef islands that bisect the equator and are discreetly hidden away from the tumult and fast pace of modern day life, alluringly situated along with teal and indigo lagoons and soft white sand beaches and lying approximately 430 miles south west of Sri Lanka.

Among the performances were expert displays of aerial, hoops and fire.