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AREA 51 teamed up with Virgin Trains at one of Britain's most exciting festivals in the stunning Italianate village of Portmeirion in North Wales.

Designers were asked to come up with an authentic abandoned railway bridge as a gateway arch to the Virgin sector for Festival No. 6 which is held annually in the private resort on the estuary of the River Dwyryd close to Porthmadog in Gwynedd which was famously used as the location for the cult 1960s TV show "The Prisoner."

And the 51 team were on the right track with the wooden structure which incorporated subtle Virgin Trains branding but was designed to blend into the natural surrounds of the Gwyllt Woods which winds its way from "The Village" along a beautiful peninsula overlooking the nearby Irish Sea coastline.

The "abandoned bridge" seamlessly blended into the natural beauty of the wild woods with its wide range of exotic trees, plants and flowers from all over the world that grow in natural harmony together. The Virgin sector, featuring a DJ area, was close to a series of idiosyncratic pools together with a Chinese bridge and pagoda plus a classical temple sited above the Temple Pond near to both Japanese Acer and beech trees together with gorgeous rhododendrons.

It was the first time Area 51 had been involved with Festival No. 6 which first began I 2012 and has been staged every year since. Its name is taken from the central characer of the "Prisoner" TV show which went under the name of "Number 6" and was played by Irish actor Patrick McGoohan who had created and wrote the series as well as being the star when it was filmed during 1966 and 67.