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Area 51 stormed a 17th century fortress in the Balkans before continuing on a rampage of hedonism down to a coastline festival on the shores of the Adriatic Sea more than 300 miles away.

Two stunning festivals in a mere seven days of blissful indulgence was a tall order for even the most diehard 51 crew members used to punishing schedules of hard work and hard partying but the Class of 2014 were up to the job and made a huge impression at both events - Exit Festival in Serbia and Sea Dance Festival in neighbouring Montenegro.

Starting at the 17th century fortress of Novi Sad in Serbia the 51 crew created a major stir on the dance stage with acts that included Disclosure, Carl Cox, Skrillex and Detroit techno guru Juan Atkins. The festival also featured performances by the likes of Damon Albarn, the Pet Shop Boys, Suede, Queens of the Stone Age and Gloria Gaynor.

After finishing up in Serbia the Area 51 team made the mad dash through the Balkans towards the sunshine doused Adriatic coast where they straight away got stuck in to Sea Dance on the beach with thousands more revellers.

In Montengro the 51 crew performed and parties with Jamiroquai among others.

More than 260,000 party people turned out in force at both festivals which mixed huge names, cutting edge acts and sweltering temperatures which cemented Exit's reputation as being one of the premier music festivals in the calendar. It was the eight consecutive year that Area 51 have appeared at Exit and this year's event broke all previous records for attendances.