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UK stuck in the Mud? Time for a sharp EXIT!

Serbia's Exit Festival had better be ready for another dose of the performance spectacle that is the Area 51 Crew. For the sixth time in as many years, our top performers are on route to the Novi Stad Fortress in Serbia.

As we speak our van is rumbling accross Europe, packed with goodies for those lucky enough to bear witness. The Dance Arena is definitely the place to be for some seriously jaw dropping, high energy action. This four day dance festy, held July 12th through the 15th, will be graced with larger than life GloBots, Transformers, walking caricatures of celebrities like KISS, Freddy Mercury and the rest of the Big Head gang; not to mention Judge Dredd to keep the peace amongst partiers and that's simply a taste of what's to come.

Newly revamped TV heads, and brand new Digileg characters will be on show. Fire dancing and angle grinding stage performances will be accompanied by aerial sets from Jeff and Kirsty - while the World's greatest DJs provide pulsating beats all weekend long. It's been voted Europe's best festival for a reason... and we won't be missing the mud!

Pictures to follow...