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Animal Magic at Zoo Project

One of Britain's wildest festivals was treated to spellbinding animal magic as Area 51 turned zoo keepers!

A herd of animal characters hoofed down to Donington Park in the leafy East Midlands to stampede in a safari of surrealism at the amazing Zoo Project Festival.

Chimps, boxing kangaroos, penguins, ostriches, a giant lion, an 18-foot tall giraffe and even King Kong emerged from the Area 51 "ark" to go animal crackers in the forested area behind the famous motor racing circuit close to East Midlands Airport in Derbyshire.

There were so many animals that even Dr. Doolittle or BBC zookeeper Johnny Morris from 'Animal Magic' would have found it difficult to cope! Zoo Project Festival has rapidly established itself as a leading attraction on the UK festival scene. Famed for its residency out in Ibiza with a huge following on the white Isle, Zoo Project's second year proved to be an even bigger success than their debut year and sets the scene for future successes.

The event was so successful that it will once again take place in Donington between September 12 and 14, 2014.

Area 51 unleashed VoodooGeddon at Zoo Project, a new and spectacular blood-sucking creature character that caught the eyes of revellers.

A number of characters took part in stage routines and in the hilarious parades which snaked their way through the green undergrowth of the woodland and on to the rides. One of the oddest sights across the weekend was surely the procession of 'animals' that weaved its way through the trees, climbed up to the big bag jump before each character took a leap of faith, leaping off into the air.

Zoo Project's Ross Mogli described it as an "unforgettable weekend."

He orchestrated the collaboration between Area 51 and Ibiza residents the Minx FX, led by the extraordinarily talented Burnley Joe. Gemma Dance and her team provided the final flourish – and this all made for an astoundingly diverse show which played throughout the weekend in the green surrounds.

He enthused: ''Area 51 have worked closely alongside us at the Zoo Project Festival, providing all kinds of larger than life costumes and exciting performances for the last two years."

The Festival Production Manager added: "They always go above and beyond to help make our vision become a reality and are an extremely friendly and professional team of individuals to work with. We look forward to future collaborations with them. Roll on Zoo Fest 2014!''

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