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STOP PRESS!! Germany stormed by Globots!!

The AREA 51 crew this week slipped into a parallel Universe.

A test flight in their newly reverse-engineered flying saucer found them slipping through a gap in the space-time continuum into strangely familiar surroundings - even though the inhabitants of this other World spoke in an unfamiliar tongue... Just what was going on?

Then came the confession; lovelorn Globot performer Keith had felt bereft since splitting with his German-based girlfriend and decided the best way to win her heart was to take Berlin by storm on the country's biggest national talent show - Das Supertalent! He'd set up the whole thing!! This was no other Dimension - this was Berlin's famous Tempodrom, and the crew was once more about to go head to head with the greatest acts they could find. How could we possibly turn back now?

The performance was given a properly Teutonic front after Area 51 called up long time friend and collaborator, Hubertus Wawra, alias Master of Hellfire, one of Germany's leading comedic circus performers who holds the world record for the largest number of torches extinguished within 30 seconds by the mouth! The madcap performer was the perfect foil for the otherwise British crew which included Globots, Illuminatus and dancers.

Host Daniel Hartwich was joined by a panel of three judges: Dieter Bohlen, Thomas Gottschalk and Michelle Hunziker, the latter who suffered concussion and injuries in an accident on the final day of filming for the show's auditions just days after the Area 51 episode was shot.

Area 51 were among 44,000 people to audition for the 2012 show, and their high-octane display wowed the three-strong panel of judges as well as gaining a standing ovation from the live audience. Judge Michelle Hunziker said "For me this is THE show sensation! " before apparently going on to say "This looks a bit like Transformers, but still horny" - although we think the Google Translation might need tweaking.

Licensing issues meant a new soundtrack had to be dubbed for TV, but the team said the synchronisation was pretty good in any case. 'Das Supertalent' is part of the Got Talent' franchise that also includes 'Britain's Got Talent' and 'America's Got Talent' and is in its sixth season on the German tv channel RTL.

Will they be back? you'll just have wait and see - rocket fuel is pretty expensive these days, but we may yet have to blow a few cobwebs off those immense teleportation chambers... but a little bird tells me that Keith's quest may have paid small dividends already. Mission accomplished then? Watch this space..