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Cirque Extreme

Roll Up! Roll Up! To the wildest circus in town! Roll Up! Roll Up! To the wildest circus in town!

Area 51 have teamed up with Zippos Circus to re-inject the excitement and magic back into Christmas this year...with a twist!

A new jaw-dropping show of daredevils and derring do will cause a sensation in London's Hyde Park when Cirque Extreme is unleashed at the celebrated Winter Wonderland extravaganza.

Some of the finest and bravest circus acts from all over the globe have been brought together to help create one of the most dramatic and exciting alternative circus shows ever seen in Britain with Area 51 at the heart of proceedings.

Matt Page from Area 51 is the Creative Director of Cirque Extreme and the company are also designing eye-catching costumes with a steampunk flavour while also constructing scenery and decor for the event which is going to be one of the centrepieces of the annual Hyde Park show that runs from November 18 until January 3.

Performing to a bespoke sonic soundtrack created by alternative rockers Sci-Fi Mafia, there will be a fantastic collection of artistes including the incredible Lucius Team from Brazil: a trio of hair-rising bikers who take part in the world-acclaimed Motorcycle Globe Of Death which is widely acknowledged as one of the most dangerous acts in the world today.

This is the top-of-the-bill spectacle that is absolutely guaranteed to having the audience sitting on the edge of their seats

Another stunning feast of brave entertainment is provided by Czech duo Honza and Jitka and their popular Wheel Of Death routine while Romanian-based urban breakdance troupe Freakquency add a contemporary street slant to proceedings.

And there will be a host of other different acts all playing their part in a show that will run for 60 sizzling minutes of non-stop thrills and spills and the Big Top will never have been so exciting or so grungey.

Holding the whole show together is Area 51's own Big Grey who will star as the enigmatic ringmaster who, in the guise of a kooky Victorian philanthropist whos amazing invention helps to generate the greatest show on earth.

Rehearsals are already underway in London for this much-anticipated venture and when the Winter Wonderland opens there will be two Cirque Extreme performances each night, one at 7pm and the second at 8.15pm.

Last year Area 51 & Zippos collaborated on the highly-respected Somnambu Circus but this year's meeting of minds is set to be an even more adrenaline-packed gathering.

Zippos are also staging their own Christmas Circus at this year's Winter Wonderland and there a gaggle of fantastic attractions to enjoy on site including Santa's Land, a giant wheel and the Samsung Galaxy ice rink plus the Angels' Christmas market and children's rides.
This is the fifth year that Winter Wonderland has been staged in London and organisers are promising it will be the largest and best seen yet with an increased number of fresh magical attractions.