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Riotous return to Russia!

Elite circus performers from Area 51 jet off to Moscow tomorrow to stage a prestigious show in front of the Russian capital's chic crowd.

A team of performance artists return to Russia to appear at the swanky Manon Club, an exclusive nightspot where trendy Muscovites mix and mingle with cosmopolitan visitors and A-list celebrities.

They will be staging a bespoke mind-blowing circus show in the club on Thursday (June 28).

A number of regular Area 51 favourites will be featured including Big Grey, Matt Lemon and Jackir The Fakir. They will be accompanied by several other performers to showcase a pot pourri of mesmerising tricks and treats for the bacchanalian revellers.

Big Grey will be performing his popular whip routine as well as tackling the bed of nails, fire juggling, acrobalance and more while Jackir The Fakir will perform his eye-opening freakshow that includes walking, jumping and lying on a bed of glass, fire eating, being a human ashtray and the 'human blockhead' in which he hammers a nail into his nose!

It's a brilliant show but not for the faint-hearted!

Matt Lemon will perform another stunning routine that features diablo, yo-yo and devil sticks. Add to this a host of other skills including angle grinding, glo-juggling and contortion and the trendy crowd at Manon should lap it up.

The venue is one of Moscow's leading nightspots and is famous for its excellent French cuisine and a vast array of colourful cocktails set in an ambient glam setting that attracts visitors from far and wide.