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Lost souls on loose in London!

Igor Rasputin's cranky Caravan Of Lost Souls crew created a huge stir as they camped outside London's Natural History Museum.

The creepy corps of characters cross pollinated eccecntricity and quirky performance art in front of the Darwin Centre in Cromwell Road as part of a special promotion staged in conjunction with Barclaycard and Events Concepts.

The freakish freakshow figures from Area 51 festooned a feast of fun in front of a stunned audience gathered in the shadow of the world famous museum.

Specially-selected Barclaycard customers were treated to a free meal, a free tour of the museum's stunning facilities and a free show by the Caravan of Lost Souls as part of the summer nights promotion.

Among those acts taking part were Jackir The Fakir, ringmaster Luke da Silva, Bill Brockman's one-man band, Lula Loop the contortionist, Sav the magician and four chimps.

Jackir The Fakir performed his human ashtray, human blockhead and bed of nails routines to gasps of astonishment while Sav's mind-melting magic tricks were also well received by the audience. Lula Loop's incredible contortion show left punters in raptures and Luke da Silva and Bill Brockman.