It was a case of going underground and tunnel vision as Area 51's creative crew were called up to help with the shooting of a much anticipated supernatural sci-fi thriller movie.

The Area 51 contingent spent three weeks locked away underground in a former nuclear war bunker in Worcestershire to aid filming for the movie "Black Site" which is unveiled in the spring of 2018.

Matt Page took on the role of art director on the project with James Wilson in charge of props and fellow 51 team stalwart Spyke Toombs providing costumes as the film crew set up base below the Worcestershire countryside at Drakelow Tunnels in freezing temperatures.

The idiosyncratic complex of subterranean tunnels is a top secret military complex below Kingsford Country Park, near Kidderminster which was originally built during World War II as a shadow factory for the construction of Rover cars and military vehicles.

The British government converted half of the tunnel maze into a top secret facility designated as Regional Seat Of Government 9 (RSG 9), which along with 12 other such facilities across the UK, former a national network of highly classified nuclear bunkers that leading politicians and civil servants would operate the country from in the event of nuclear war.

In 1980 the complex was further strengthened and bolstered with the introduction of air locks and nuclear-proof blast doors and it wasn't until 1993, after the end of the Cold War, that the entire complex was decommissioned and sold.

Since that time the Drakelow Tunnels Preservation Trust has maintained the site as the largest cold war museum in the British Isles and it is occasionally used as a location for film-makers.

The new movie, "Black Site" will be the latest creation from the highly-regarded up-and-coming young producer Tom Paton and stars Mike Beckingham as "Sam", Jessica-Jane Stafford as "Agent Ackerman", Samantha Schnitzler as "Ren Reid", Bentley Kalu as "Jay Austin", Angela Dixon as "Jennifer Wilkinson" and regular Area 51 performer Luke D'Silva also has a role.

Area 51 helped provide props and scenery for the subterranean shoot and has to overcome a number of tricky obstacles including the freezing temperatures that affected the various paints used.

It's hoped the film may be completed in time to have its premier shown at the Sci-Fi Weekender event in North Wales in the spring of 2018.

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