If in some crazy parallel land, Zippos and Area 51 made a baby, it would look like this...

Zippos Cirque Berserk was this years offering to the crowds at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. The famous Circus's collaboration with Area 51 has become a justified must-see event on the London Calendar - and we had to increase the number of shows to 3 per night to cope with demand. That's 150 shows for the incredibly hard-working cast!

Our theme this year was deconstructed fairy tales, and so we designed a show whose narrative was derived from the darkly twisted and slightly menacing stories of the Brothers Grimm, revved up with high octane, nitrous fuelled, ballistic motorcycle fury.

The result... A dominatrix style, whip wielding ring-mistress with attitude, and her troupe of chimp acrobats, bearing neon striped trousers and gentleman-like waistcoats, out to challenge the Dark Riddler. Yes, our chimps truly get everywhere these days!

The internationally cast show featured an astonishing appearance from the great Stefanelli duo, a crazy double high wire act from Transylvania, and some wonderful aerial acts.

But perhaps the greatest of all the acts - who we had the pleasure of working with once again - all the way from Brazil, Lucius Team in the aptly named, "Globe of Death". An act that can literally make some sick with fear as they race impossibly around their cage - upside down, 4 at a time!

As ever, Matt, Rich and the Area 51 crew worked tirelessly in true ad-hoc fashion. Storms raged as the crew battled the elements, and themselves, to meet the deadline. As Zippos fearsome founder Martin Burton cracked his whip, Matt directed the acts, and Rich worked in the foyer with his ever committed team creating Fairy Tale Frozen Forest installation.

Our Caravan of Lost Souls provided a suitable backdrop for proceedings, and a fitting soundtrack was created. We costumed the cast in suitably dark, slightly freakish attire to complete the package - transforming the acts into a cast of other-Worldly characters. The Area 51 makeover was complete!

Like Somnambu - the Winter Cirque, and last year's Cirque Extreme, show impressed even the toughest of critics.