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Paradise was doubled for Area 51 at an exotic New Year's Eve party held in an exclusive Indian Ocean holiday resort!

Two teams of 51 performers flew out to the Maldives for a lavish celebration across two separate islands that provide a hideaway holiday haven for the A-list jet-set.

In past years Area 51 successfully performed at luxurious events on one island but that was doubled for the 2015-16 bash. And this time round the show managed to cross-pollinate stunning circus performances with amazing cabaret to create a magical experience.

Seven dancers from the successful West End vaudeville show "Sensual Dreams" led by Riccardo Canadinhas integrated with eight artists from Area 51 for the exotic production which took place on a stage that was built on a giant swimming pool.

Hannah Rowland played the part of a mermaid in the ethereal, dream-like production while DJ Eddy Temple-Morris flew in with Simone Marie Butler, bass player with Primal Scream, to provide the music.

The Area 51 crew also performed over several days utilising fire artists and caricaturists as well as stilt walking characters.

A second Area 51 team performed a "Roaring Twenties" show featuring magician Barrington Powell and on a separate island where Area 51 had previously entertained guests. The performances also included Billy George with his amazing cyr wheel plus walkabout characters.